Knuckling Knights - Accessibility Kit and Game Combo Kit

Knuckling Knights - Accessibility Kit and Game Combo Kit




Product Description

Accessibility Kits require the retail version of the game in order to play.

What is an accessibility kit?

Includes replacement pieces for the knights.

This product teaches tactile discrimination and practice with gentle touch.

Unlike most of our kits, this includes the actual game as well.

Knuckling Knights
Knuckling Knights Knuckling Knights
Product Description from Board Game Geek:

Everyone is talking about it all over the country! At the castle of King Benjamin, the bravest knights are taking part in the grandest tournament of all times. There is rumbling and thumping in every corner of the castle. One by one, the knights are thrown inside the castle. The die is thrown and whoever rolls the right symbol may open the door of the castle. The knights tumble out and some may fall into the deep pits, forcing this player's turn to end. Who will have the most knights at the end of the game?

Ages 4 and up


  • Manufactured by: HABA


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