Braille 10-sided Die - 10X Set

Braille 10-sided Die - 10X Set




Product Description

These 3d printed dice are made in two parts that are glued together. They are intended for use in RPG games.
This contains 10 d10s and would be useful in RPGs using a lot of d10s.
If you would like a specific color, please ask for it in the comments.
The current colors available are Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, White and Black.
All 64 Oz. Games dice have a rectangle with 2 notches cut out of them that the braille is placed into. In order to read the braille make sure that the two notches are toward you.

This means that the point of the die should be pointing to the left or toward the person reading. d10
d10 with seam showing


  • Manufactured by: 64 Oz. Games


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