Assembly not required.

We will be the first to admit that putting our kits together can be a lot of work. Many people lack readers or the time to put the kits together.

We have struggled with this for a while now and we have decided to start offering assembly assistance.

We will be doing this piece wise. For each card it will be approximately .10 cents a card with just braille and .12 cents per card with braille and qr codes. This price may change as we realize how much work it is, demand or if we make changes that increase efficiency.

It would be your responsibility to get us the game, we are not going to start stocking games. If the game is not in the original packaging we reserve the right to charge a sorting fee as well.

Time we spend doing this is time we don’t spend designing new kits but it is important to us that people are able to play the games too and we don’t want lack of a reader to be an insurmountable barrier. If you can find someone else to do it you can likely get it done cheaper.

If you are interested please email me at and we can talk about your specific needs and concerns.


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