Accessibility Kit

64 Oz. Games accessibility kits allow both blind and sighted players to play together with a retail product. What is included in an accessibility kit can vary from game to game depending on the needs of the game.

Most of our kits consist mainly of transparent sleeves and a printout with all of the text of all of the cards. Included with it are instructions on assembly.  The majority of kits require both a blind and sighted person to work together for initial assembly.

A few kits can be used without knowledge of braille and we have tried to make sure that those kits are labeled. We at 64 Oz. Games believe firmly in braille literacy but understand that not all people have mastered braille or in some cases are even able to learn braille due to nerve damage and other conditions.


Some kits with a lot of text on a given card may include QR codes to be used with a reader such as the iPhone. This allows players to read their cards without assistance and secretly. All of these kits are clearly labeled.20141108_182552

Other kits may include custom dice or tokens specific to the game.

The war die from Tiny Epic Kingdoms and the player tokens from Council of Verona


All kits require the original retail game to play and a link to an online retailer is provided.

Any questions on specific kits can be e-mailed directly to

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