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If you haven’t noticed, our 3d printer is up again so our 3d printed items are back in the store.

We have some pretty big news coming up soon on those RPG dice but I wanted to highlight some new additions to the store from some of our partner companies. These games are provided with the kits allowing them to be cheaper together than you’d be able to get them and the kit individually.

Bad Medicine: 

One of our most popular party games remains Cards Against Humanity but if you like being terrible I suggest giving this game a run. You are given cards and you take on the role of a pill pusher and come up with cures for diseases that had side effects worse than the actual disease. It’s a lot of fun and really allows those creative juices to flow.




Bad Medicine

Between Two Cities:

One thing that I find missing in a lot of games is a real good partnership relationship, everyone is out for their own thing. This is a sort of cooperative tile laying game where everyone is both cooperating and out for their own. Each player has a city that is shared by each of their neighbors, that is a city to your left and a city to your right. The catch is that everyone is scored for their weakest city so if you neglect either city, you’re going to lose.  It’s a very clever mechanic that made me think this is a game I need to adapt right away.

Between Two Cities


This is another quick tile laying game that is pretty darn cool and fast. The game is sort of like a maze. Players try to get their pawn to not fall off the map by adding sections to the map. Each player tries to add sections to cause the other players to fall off the edge of the map. The last player with a pawn still on the map wins.


Roll for It:

This dice rolling game has players trying to make specific combinations of dice before the other players. Each card lists a few required dice(IE you have to roll a 2, a 3 and a 4) and if the player plays those dice they get to keep the card and victory points with it. Players are unlikely to roll the exact combinations needed in one turn though so players will have to lock in certain dice from turn to turn. If another player rolls that combination in the meantime they might snatch away your victory points from underneath you.

Roll For It


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