Location, Location, Location!

We’ve been working hard with our set guys here at Movie Bite. It is always important that we keep our production values high. Here is our first set. Creating the perfect place for our actors to demonstrate their talents is critical for really getting the drama out of our low quality B actors.

Take this locker room set for instance. It has key entry points for our Zombies and an entrance for vampires as well. Things like the gun taped to the toilet make the world feel like it is real lived in world. I know that I for one always check for guns in public restrooms.


One last detail I’d like to point out is that I think that the warning really captures the spirit of this ‘mom’ character. I know I’ve always loved it when my mother has written me messages in blood. It’s these details that will make Movie Bite an experience you and yours will cherish for years to come.

A Flawed Character

One of the things that makes for compelling movie making is including both the good and the bad traits to make well rounded characters. That’s why we at Movie Bite have included Character Flaws and Quirks.

The first one we will talk about is Character Flaws.

Character Flaw1

Look at this card. Very benign. unintimidating… very simple but wait, we flip the card and we get this…

Character Flaw2

Now we have something. It looks like a contract. Apparently the person’s last name is Cambell.. How’s that for an original horror movie name(cough)?

And she/he’s brash. This person makes it harder for everyone else in the party while benefiting only themselves. What a scum… I hope he/she dies…

Character Flaw3

What’s this? There’s been a death. Now that same card is making it so that less monsters spawn. This is good for the players who are still living, not so good for the monsters.

Most the Quirks or Character Flaws are double edged swords. Of course these are still works in progress and the details might change a little but we’re well underway. I’ll put up some more updates later.

Games are for Everyone

Richard has been a game nut forever.  Don’t get me wrong, I like games.  However, games are not my all-encompassing, crazy, obsessive, passion.  He literally designs games in his sleep.  I understand that kind of interest because I have one of my own. My passion is Braille Literacy.  I’m a teacher of blind students and it bleeds into every aspect of my life. Did you know that only 10% of blind kids are learning braille and their braille literacy (or lack thereof) directly correlates to the 70% unemployment rate that blind adults face?  You do now. Luckily our wacky mutual interests intersect at one very important point.

We have a lot of blind friends and we have forever been trying to figure out ways to make our favorite games accessible for them.  Currently, there are no interesting, unique strategy games that come accessible out of the box.  You can get accessible versions of Scrabble or Monopoly, Uno or playing cards but not any typical Euro games.   And we have realized in our quest to create new, blind euro game addicts we’ve found that making games accessible after they are manufactured is awkward, annoying and prohibitively expensive.

Here at 64 Ounce Games, we believe that games are for everyone.  There is no reason that blind people shouldn’t have the same access to fun, wacky frustrating games as everyone else.  We are here to help make sure that happens. That’s why we’re creating our Impressive line of games. Games in our Impressive line will be accessible to blind and sighted players alike. We don’t have any games for sale right now, but we are working hard to publish 2 by the end of the year.  The first, Revision, is a trick taking, strategy card game that’s played with a regular deck of cards and the revision deck.  We plan to offer this game accessibly from the first publication.  We are currently exploring different ways to braille the cards and how much text needs to be on each card. The second game is Movie Bite, a B movie Horror game where you are part of a stereotypical horror movie cast, dodging monsters to escape the set alive.  This game will not be offered accessibly in its first printing. In order to create a good, functional accessible game out of Movie Bite we need some guinea pigs. We are currently researching the best and most affordable ways to make the board and we need some blind people to tell us what we are doing wrong. In order to make both of these games a reality we need your help. If you are blind and would like to be a part of our first Game Accessibility Playtesting Panel please email Braille AT 64ouncegames DOT com If you are sighted, don’t worry, you will like the games too.

Meet the Werewolf

The costume department has finally opened it’s doors showing off their first creation for our upcoming title Movie Bite.

Putting together all the fur, claws, and other things that they had lying around the warehouse they have finish crafting the werewolf.


The Werewolf

Casting the right person for the role is important to us at Movie Bite and the monsters play just as vital part. Using all the creativity mustered from flipping movie channels at 4 AM, we have come up with new and inventive abilities that make our monsters different from the run of the mill monsters. Each monster has a special ability. We had an extensive brain storming session as you can see below.

Werewolf Ability ideas- 1. Big Nose? Smeeling maybe? 2. Able to dig for bones? 3. Halitosis(sp)? *Running Really Fast*

Werewolves are faster than other monsters and always move an additional space. How is that for a creative game mechanic!

You know what!? We’ve got more where that came from! We can make it so that there are better things to use against them. Werewolves are vulnerable to silver weapons and they deal additional damage. How’s that for reaching deep into the lore? We did all sorts of research and stuff.

All the monsters in Movie Bite are contagious and werewolves are no exception. You can only hope for your fellow cast mates to help you survive… until they turn!

Welcome to 64 Ounce Games

My name is Richard and I’ve been a game designer for years. I am hoping with your support to be able to turn some of my creations into games you might be able to buy on a shelf.

In the next coming months we will be preparing for a Kickstarter on our first project; Movie Bite. It is a satirical look at horror movies and is really a blast to play.

I would compare it to a board game based rougelike. I’ve recently hired a great artist and we’ll have some of his sketches up soon.

In the meantime, consider following our twitter, @64ozGames for updates and to ask any questions.