The overly wordy podcast You’ve Got To Get Your Hands On This Game is focused on providing an overview of different games that we provide accessibility kits for.

Meeples with canes or guide standing next to a Carcassonne like landscape

The rules are not well researched or well reviewed before recording and I’m going off my gut instinct and sometimes faulty memory. I claim that this adds to the charm.

The audio quality isn’t always the best, I record these on my phone when I’m going to and from work. I’m sorry if it displeases you.

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7/29/2015 – Stone Age           Online Purchase here

12/14/2014 – Coin Age and This Town Ain’t Big Enough for the 2 to 4 of Us        Online Purchase Here

12/14/2014 – Coup               Online Purchase here

12/14/2014 – Machi Koro    Online Purchase here

4/19/2014 – Bohnanza           Online Purchase here

4/19/2014 – Munchkin             Online Purchase here

4/19/2014 – 7 Wonders            Online Purchase here

4/17/2014 – Tiny Epic Kingdoms       Online Purchase here

4/16/2014 – Guillotine        Online Purchase here

4/16/2014 – Tichu         Online Purchase here

4/15/2014 – Dominion           Online Purchase here

4/14/2014 – Lost Cities           Online Purchase here

4/14/2014 – Hanabi           Online Purchase here

4/14/2014 – For Sale        Online Purchase here

4/14/2014 – Love Letter        Online Purchase here

4/10/2014 – Genres- An unfocused overview

4/8/2014 – Coloretto     Online Purchase here

4/6/2014 – The Resistance          Online Purchase here

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