Kids games

Kids 2+

Touching and Feeling-

This is a great game for very children who are tactility defensive. Children must feel objects and predict what is inside a ‘Toy Sheep’. There are a couple ways to play but all for very young students. Very tactile wooden pieces

My First Orchard-

This is a very simple game for teaching taking turns and basic rules. You must prevent the evil crow from eating all of the food in the orchard. Players roll dice and make very simple choices about which food to protect. Very tactile wooden pieces.

Kids 5+


This car racing game has players choose the best route for their car to take. I compare it to candy land except better because players have to choose which lane to take, decide the order to use their dice and they need to read braille letters on a tactile dice and board.

Zocken Socken-

This game has players sort socks as quickly as possible. Each sock has a different texture pattern. To play with both sighted and blind kids it is recommended that sleep shades are used to keep everyone on the same level but it is a lot of quick paced fun.

Gary Gouda-

This game has players take on the role of Gary, a very hungry mouse. Players move Gary through the maze trying to pick up as much cheese as possible. As you get more cheese, it’s harder to fit though doors, if you eat too much you get stuck and lose everything. Great introduction to ‘Press your luck’ gameplay and teaches great orientation and mobility skills as players must remember which doors are small so they don’t get trapped themselves.

Ear Tug-

This game has players compete to match tactile ears to pictures of animals. The players have to match the right ear shape and color with the right body. Braille stickers help blind players know which color their pieces are so they can match them correctly and reinforce braille skills.

Older Kids(and Adults)-

Sushi Go-

A great introduction to drafting games like 7 Wonders, Sushi Go has all players choose at the same time out of a hand of cards 1 card that they want to play and pass the rest. This repeats until players are out of cards. Some cards score for having a ton of the same card, some cards only work when comboed with other cards, some cards allow players to take double turns. Players must choose which will be most helpful for them and try to prevent other players for collecting what they need.


Be a bean farmer! Try to collecting the same kind of beans for big payoffs and get rid of the unwanted beans by giving them to other players before you have to plant them yourself and ruin your combos. Be careful though to make sure that you are actually getting the better end of the deal when trading.


As a pirate you try to get your ships filled with loot home safely and snag merchant ships from other players to get the most gold. Timing is key to this game and making sure that your ships fly under the radar.


Try to become leader in this quick game of bluffing. Each player takes on some of 5 different roles depending on what cards they have and how willing they are to lie. Get caught in a lie and you can be knocked out. Falsely accuse someone of lying and you can be knocked out.

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