Quick to play games

We offer a lot of very quick to play games that clock in at less than a half hour.

1. Coup –

This lying game has rounds in about ten minutes. Each player tries to eliminate the other players by bluffing, fooling and just biding their time collecting wealth.

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2. Love Letter –

This quick to play, this microgame with only 16 cards have players choose which of two cards to play. Players must deduce what cards other players have but time is short and only one person can win the princess’ love.

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3. This Town Ain’t Big Enough for the 2 to 4 of Us –

This quick tile laying game has players trying to get the most symbols in their territories but you can only score if other people are in the territory with you. Try to score the biggest without giving the game to someone else by accident.

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4. Dead Drop –

This quick deduction game has you try to trade information with other spies to try to find the location of the dead drop. Beware what information you give though, you might give away enough so the others know exactly where it is.

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