Strategy Games

Machi Koro

2-4 players – 60 minutes

In this game, build a town by adding cards that reward you for different dice rolls. As you expand you switch from rolling 1 to 2 dice and build huge attractions to make your town the best.


2-4 players cooperative 1 hour

Try to prevent the world from succumbing to a terrible outbreak. Work together to save the world.


2-4 players, 40 minutes

In this deckbuilding game you choose which cards to put in your deck. Action cards allow neat abilities, money cards let you buy better cards but ultimately you want to get victory point cards to win the game but don’t put them in your deck too early because they do nothing to help you. This game spawned an entire genre of copycats.

Stone Age

2-4 players, 60 minutes

In this definitive worker placement game players choose locations to build. Any location that they choose other players cannot use. Different locations will give different resources, allow you to increase your tools, build agriculture, increase your tribe or invest in infrastructure.

7 Wonders

2-7 players, 1 hour playtime

Create an empire in this card drafting game. Balance military, science, and economy while creating one of the 7 Wonders of the ancient world

The Resistance

5-10 players,  30 minutes

Work as a team in the resistance movement to overthrow the corrupt empire. .. but watch out. There are traitors in your midst who want you to fail.

Tiny Epic Kingdoms

2-5 players. 1 hour playtime.

Choose a fantasy race and take charge of an empire the size of a card. Build, Learn Magic, Expand and Conquer

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